5 money saving tips for renters

Money saving tips for tenants

1-Choose an apartment near public transport

Location can highly affect how much you pay for a rent. Rentals near the center of the city are usually more expensive as downtowns provide easier access to all amenities, work, home, entertainment and food. So, apartments that are located further from the downtown can be rented much cheaper. The most desirable rental properties are those that are near to train stations and bus stops since the renter can get to the center part of the city in 20-30 minutes. It is considered a win as the cost that the renter will have for public transport will eventually be lower than the difference of rental price of the apartment near the city center and the apartments near the city borders.

2-Get a roommate

One of the easiest ways to cut down costs for a renter is to have a roommate. A roommate will lower the rental costs by half considering rent cost and the utility bills like energy consumption, shared items (groceries, cleaning products, etc...).

New in the city? Consider a roommate finder service like Ryna, catering to the needs of single women.

3-Cook Your Meal at Home

Restaurant meals usually cost 3 times more than the home-made meals. Not going out for a dinner is a great way to save money. Fast food meals may seem cheap initially if the renter is considering just one meal. But for every day meals it's cheaper and better to buy the ingredients and prepare meals at home. Plus, if the renter or the roommate cooks, cooking for two (or three or more) normally saves money over cooking for just one.

4-Choose smaller rooms

If the renter wants to live alone and doesn’t prefer having a roommate, a smaller apartment should be the best choice. Moving into a smaller home will save money. Renters shouldn’t waste money on storage and space.

5- Save Money on Energy Consumption

Keeping the apartment energy efficient can highly lower the bills. Small ways to save energy add up over time like:

• Unplugging appliances before you going to bed.

• Washing dishes by hand as the dishwasher uses massive amounts of energy

• Using LED lights instead of halogen bulbs.

• Washing at low temp will be saving a lot of water and electricity as about 90% of the energy used by the washing machine during laundry goes towards heating the water.

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