How to eat well for a family of two for 500$

How to eat well for a family of two for 500$

Creating nutritious meals can be an affordable if panned intelligently. A family of

two could use some strategies to save up some money on food.

1-Don’t shop on an empty stomach:

A key step to do before going to the grocery store is to eat before leaving the

house. If you’re hungry you will most of the times step away from the grocery list

to find or buy something that fills your hunger need. This need will often be filled

by buying processed food like soda, chocolate, packaged meals, etc. They lack

nutritional benefit but are high volatile cost on your budget.

2-Cook at home

Eating out will most of the times cost more than cooking a meal at home as its

cost also include the service, the ambiance and the location. A package of basic

ingredients comes at a lower price than a single restaurant meal. When you

prepare the meal at home you’ll have more flexibility on the recipes as you’re

making the dish from scratch you’ll get to discover the ingredients to diversify in

dishes. It is also a good way to engage with your partner and unwind after a long

day of work.

3- Buy Generic Brands

Generic brands are usually cheaper than other brands as they do not focus on

advertising and presentation, but you’ll often find out that they offer the same

quality. Best generic food to buy include cereal, spices, seasonings and snacks.

4- Reduce your meat consumption without eliminating your protein intake

Plant based protein are nutritious and more affordable than meats. Legumes,

seeds and eggs are usually less expensive, easier to prepare and lasts longer. It

will less likely spoil quickly, so you can cook them in bulk. Leftovers can be used

for other recipes and having them can drive you away from eating out.

5-Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper than buying per unit. You can save up

some pennies on each product. This small difference can add up rapidly saving

you a good sum of money. Food in bulk include grains such as rice, beans, nuts,

etc. You can keep them for a long time and can be ingredients for various

nutritious dishes.

6-Cook in bulk

Cooking in bulk or batch cooking is making a lot of a specific food all at once and

then storing it in portions for later use. It is attractive because it saves a lot of

time and money. Batch cooking keeps you out from the grocery store as you

already have food in the freezer. It will also push you away from delivery and

eating out as its faster and cheaper and you’ll feel better saving

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