How can realtors & landlords contain the risk of bad reviews to their online reputations

Online reputation is built on star ratings

Online reputations are extremely important for realtors and landlords in landing real estate deals. Be it the landlord, the property manager or the realtor, a one star review can taint a relationship with the lessee/renter. Here are some scenarios on why a tenant would leave a bad review.

Operational disconnects

Operations always seem to take the backseat, and unfortunately nothing gets tenants more riled than operational disconnects. The examples below are typical of situations where the property manager does not have processes to record transactions. Records are kept on an ad hoc basis and rely on individual memory, as opposed to standard operations with a modicum of automation.

Complaint about poor communications

complaint about poor records keeping

Delinquent tenants

Complaint from a disgruntled tenant behind on rent

Of course the biggest risk a property manager or owner faces is non-payment of rent on time. Unfortunately, this is also a situation where a wrong word or a heavy handed approach can backfire. A situation that snowballs often leads to bad words and reviews.

Reducing the risk to online reputation

Dwello is a simple tactic for property owners and managers to institute some automation in their payments and recordkeeping. It is always free for tenants, and the base product is free for landlords and property managers as well. The paid version includes custom reports.

What's more, Dwello encourages tenants to pay in full on time so as to boost their credit scores. This cuts down on the biggest friction risks.

To see how Dwello can help you, drop us a note through the form below. Alternately share your thoughts on how best we can help.

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Tenant or property owner, Dwello is the easiest, most secure payment solution in the market. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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