What is Dwello? How does it work?

Dwello builds a credit profile using your rent payment history. It then takes this credit profile to the credit bureau to help you improve your credit score. Better credit scores means better financial health, lower interest rates, and special financial offers.

How it works

Dwello is the easiest way for renters to improve their credit and get access to related savings & benefits.

Sign up for Dwello

The first step in unlocking savings is signing up with Dwello. Record the terms of your rental agreement and register for pre-authorized payments.

File payments with credit bureau

Dwello does the reconciliation in the background. We capture your payments and detail on your rental agreement. This gets sent over to the credit bureau for evaluation.

Open doors to a better life with a higher credit score

Financial health is linked to your credit score. Your growing credit score gets you special access to financial products and a cashback rewards program.

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