How it works

Dwello is the best way for landlords and property managers to get paid on time and to grow tenant retention. Here's a step through on how the process works from start to finish.

Tenant reminder

Tenant gets Interac request email from Dwello the day before rent is due.

Tenant action

Tenant has to click the link in email from Dwello to initiate the payment process

Payment through Interac

Tenant sends payment through Interac to Dwello using their banking provider

Landlord alert

Dwello sends confirmation email to property manager with deposit password (if autodeposit is not enabled). If autodeposit is enabled the payment gets deposited automatically.

Interac followup (landlord)

Interac request gets sent to you (landlord) for acceptance of the payment if autodeposit is not enabled.

Reporting to Equifax

Successful payment gets recorded and sent to Equifax. This is the main upside for a tenant. Their on-time payments help them improve their credit score.

Expect more

Dwello is the easiest, most secure payment solution in the market. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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