Get better credit by paying rent

Unlock financial rewards by using Dwello for your rent payments in Canada.
Improve your credit score, get access to special financial offers and promotions from your local stores & merchants.

Why Dwello

Paying rent through Dwello is the disciplined way to gain control over your financial future.

On-time rent payments

Dwello is integrated with Interac. Your payments are always on-time.

Improve your credit score

Boost your financial health by paying through Dwello. Free monthly credit score check.

Rent splitting (coming soon)

Dwello splits rent between you and your roommate(s), if needed.

Build your financial health

Unlock financial rewards just by paying rent through Dwello.

Direct reporting to credit bureau

Your ongoing, on-time payments through Dwello get directly reported to the credit bureau.

Credit repair

Six months with Dwello could boost your credit score from 50-200 points.

Delivery partners

Unlock savings and benefits

Dwello works with its financial partners to unlock the best savings and financial benefits for you as reward for your ongoing, regular rent payments.

Credit card offers

Unlock credit card and other loan offers at favourable terms.

Auto insurance

Get favourable auto insurance quotes.

Local store promotions

Access special deals from your local stores and merchants.

Ready to get started?

Tenant or Landlord, Dwello works for you